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Leader in Development and Integration

Interaction Information Technology, Inc. (IIT) is a leader in software development and systems integration. As such, IIT specializes in providing a wide range of services that will help automate the way your business processes information. IIT has experts in full cycle system development - spanning the full spectrum of business needs – and can assist you in making your business succeed!

IIT Can Save You Time and Money

Today’s businesses operate on the easy accessibility of data, when you need it. Errors in communication and data can cost you money! Our fully integrated systems maximizes the value of company information by providing intuitive access to wide variety of electronic content and information using a standard web browser. Validations and edits keep data clean and accurate, preventing costly errors. Data entry tasks are minimalized by our data entry system that saves data and prepopulates as required on other forms, saving time preventing entry duplication.

Communications is at the heart of any business. Our web solutions and services can help you present the information you want to customers and employees in a timely and precise way. The success of every company depends upon its ability to manage interactions with its customers and employees successfully. IIT can help you do just that!

Our system can be the centerpiece of knowledge and collaborative content in creating a centralized infrastructure for publishing and sharing content – it is the one place where customers, employees,  individuals, groups, and vendors, can quickly and easily obtain desired information, whenever and wherever it is needed.  IIT’s ContentDistributor™ reduces time employees spend on routine communication tasks, empowering them with collaborative knowledge and information assisting in smarter decision making.